2019 Calendar


$2,795 (April 1st - April 30th)
$2,995 (May 1st - May 30th)
$2,995 (June 1st- June 30th)

$2,795 (July 1st - July 30th)


$2,995 (July 15th - August 15th)
$3,495 (Aug 1st - Aug 30th)
$3,495 (Sept 1st - Sept 30th)
$3,495 (Sept 15th - Oct 15th)
$3,495 (Oct 1st - Oct 30th)
$3,495 (Oct 15th - Nov 15th)
$3,495 (Nov 1st - Nov 30th)
$3,495 (Nov 15th - Dec 15th)

***select sessions include***

April - May Spring Turkey Hunt
May-July Trout and Salmon fishing
August Early Fall Archery Elk/Deer
August Late Fall Archery Elk/Deer
October Early Rifle Elk/Bear/Deer
October Late Rifle Elk/Deer/Bear
November Early Rifle Elk/Bear/Deer
November Late Rifle Elk/Bear/Deer
November and December Waterfowl/Small Game/Varmit

- 5 Day Mini Courses -




School For Guides Colorado/Florida
P.O. Box 53
Montrose, CO. 81402

The Colorado and Florida Guide School outdoor training includes outfitter style horse packing, horsemanship, hunting, Fly-fishing, mountain lake fishing and outdoor professional skills.  The mission of the Colorado School for Guides is to provide top quality outdoor guide and outdoor skills training and support for any career minded persons of any age. Colorado School for Guides and Outdoor Training provides (4 tier training modules) Hunting, Packing, FlyFishing, Equine Mgmt. and Horsemanship. The courses are designed to train and equip a person for professional work as a PRO outdoor Guide. Colorado School for Guides utilizes hands on training, wilderness lab training, classroom instruction and real life wilderness guide experiences to prepare a person for a lifetime of professional guiding and outdoor skills.  Most guide school's train you to work only 2 months a year during the hunting season. Colorado School for Guides outdoor training program helps open up assorted guiding opportunities year round and world wide, including resort wrangling, fly fishing and big game hunt guiding in international areas of the world. Check our pricing and our school course instruction and you will see the difference.   







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Bugling Elk

5 days Big Game Hunting- Elk, Deer, Black Bear, Sheep and Moose

Spotting, stalking, ambush, tracking, field judging, gun and archery methods of harvest are just a few of the skills a professional guide, outfitter or outdoorsman needs to effectively hunt several Northern American Big Game species. Hunting excerises are conducted on exclusive private property ranch.

Here at Colorado School for Guides you will receive intense wilderness training to become just that " A Professional Big Game Hunting Guide". The schools hunting courses are designed to incorporate comprehensive training in several areas of professional hunting and guiding skills.  With  over 70 hours of  classroom and hands on outdoor experience the student will be trained in the extensive skills a backwoods hunting guide or skilled woodsman requires. The student will be trained to successfully field dress, skin and cape several BIG GAME species. COLORADO'S ELK POPULATION IS OVER 290,000 STATEWIDE - (3X more than Montana or Wyoming or Idaho - 3X more than Oregon, Washington and Utah combined. Colorado mule deer population is second to none, combined with whitetail, bear, moose, turkey, and waterfowl.

Packing Horses across mountain river

12 days of Packing - Horsemanship - Equine Mgmt

Sawbuck Packing, Decker Packing, Saddle and Freestyle Packing, knots, hitches, emergency travois, trail sense, horses & mules, halters, saddles, riding the trail, trail savvy, night riding are just a few things an experienced backwoods man needs to know to successfully guide someone.

This action packed course is designed to incorporate comprehensive training in several areas of professional guiding and outfitting skills.  With  over 40 hours of classroom, wrangling, trail riding and hands on outdoor experience the student will be trained in the extensive skills a backwoods hunting guide or skilled woodsman requires. The course includes, riding styles, horse care, extensive packing techniques and knot tying procedures in a variety of private property wilderness conditions. Course includes private property wilderness pack trips combined with our hunting exercises. COLORADO HAS MORE OUTFIITERS THAN ANY OTHER WESTERN STATE COMBINED

Navagation Skills

5 days of Outdoor Skills, Navigation and Wilderness Survival

Compass and GPS Navigation, day and night orientation, emergency shelter, outdoor cooking, first aide, CPR, altitude sickness care, packing and handling, wilderness back packing, forest regulations, camp site care and setup are just a few skill sets that all outdoorsman need to know.

The Outdoor skills course is a comprehensive training in several areas of must know knowledge. This segment of the course combines indoor and outdoor classroom and hands on outdoor experience. The student will be trained in the extensive skills a back woodsman requires. A student planned private property wilderness overnight back pack trip will be included in the course (Course covers complete outdoor survival series - students participate in several SFG's competitive mountain exercises to practice skill levels- see student pictures)



Guide School instructor fly fishing on gunnison river

4 days of Back Country Fly Fishing, Fishing combined with Horse/Mule Packing

Walk and wade, species identification and methods of take, live bait, lures, flies, casting techniques, rods, reels, wilderness lakes, wilderness fish packing trips are a must know for Professional guides or back country outdoorsman.

Combined with the School for Guides Packing and Equine training course the back country Fly-fishing course is designed to give the student the basic and intermediate level of Fly fishing as a walk and wade guide. The course is combined with the Freshwater Fishing segment of the training to insure that a student has the skills to provide professional guiding for customers who may want a take a back country fishing trip by horse or small boat. (Course finishes with wilderness fishing packing trip into wilderness area - see student fishing pictures)



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