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-Full School 2018 Student Enrollment Agreement-
This is a full copy of SFG's enrollment agreement. Please download, print and complete this agreement to start the enrollment process at the SFG. Please keep a copy of the agreement and send the original to the SFG address printed at the bottom of the form. Please enclose the pre-enrollment amount of $1000 with your completed form in order to secure you place in the upcoming school year 2016.

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-Full School 2018 Catalog-
This catalog can be downloaded and printed by the SFG student. This catalog explains in detail all of the SFG's school policies such as enrollment terms, pricing, refunds and other information. The student does not need to send a copy of the information to the school, this information is for the student use only.

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-Things to Bring to School List-
This list is provided to assist the student to help plan their 30 day adventure at the SFG. This list is the basic equipment required for a student to best make their time at SFG both comfortable and help with their learning experience. Please call the SFG if you have any questions about additional items you may need.

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-Directions to School Camp location-
The camp is located 17 miles outside Montrose Colorado ona remote private mountain. Please follow the directions here a GPS will NOT find it. Call us if you have questions.

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-Packing and Equine Management Course Outline-
This is a detailed listing of the course covering equine horsemanship, management, horse packing, saddling, medical care, training and other comprehensive information a guide may need to know. Course includes both instructional syllabus and instructional text books.

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-Back Country and Wilderness Fly Fishing and Fresh Water Fishing Course outline-
This is a detailed listing of the course outline covering both fresh water fishing and wilderness fly fishing tactics. The course includes both an instructional syllabus and instructional text books supplied to students.


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