large herd of colorado elk resting in rocky mountains


The SFG hunting guide, is designed to incorporate 5 days of comprehensive training in several areas of professional guiding and personal outdoor training. The course provides 80 hours of combined indoor and outdoor classroom and hands on outdoor experience the student will be trained in the extensive skills a backwoods hunting guide requires. The outline below are the highlights of the course content. An individual study and notes syllabus is furnish to each student plus text books. A student planned (2) Day private property wilderness overnight pack trip will be included in the course to track and photograph several species of Big Animals. Hunting excerises are conducted on exclusive private property.

  1. Elk and Moose – 10 hours
  1. Species CharacteristicsElk
  2. Habitat and feeding patterns
  3. Migration
  4. Tracking and identification
  5. Spot and stalk techniques
  6. Glassing and spotting scopes
  7. Bugling and calling
  8. BC-PY antler measurements, skinning and caping
  1. Mule and Whitetail Deer –10 hours
  1. Species types and differences
  2. Feeding, habitat and rut patterns,
  3. Tracking and stalking techniques 
  4. Tree stands, blinds
  5. BC-PYAntler scoring measurements, skinning
  1. Bear– 5 hours
  1. North American Species
  2. Habitat, feeding habits
  3. Tracking, stalking, baiting 
  4. Tree stands, spot and stalk
  5. Calling and camo techniques
  6. Boone and Crockett, Pope scoring
  7. Field dressing and caping
  1. Hunting Weapons – 10 hours
  1. Muzzleloader - ballistics usage
  2. Archery - modern and long bow
  3. Safety and handling
  4. Loading, shooting and
  5. Sighting open sights and scoped
  6. High powered rifles - ballistics and usage
  7. Knives
  1. Moose, Big Horn Sheep,
  2. Mountain Goat, – 10 hours
  1. Field dressing, caping, quartering
  2. Scoring of trophy game
  3. Packing preparation 
  4. Meat care and storage




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